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Slide guitar

Ariel Posen

Ariel Posen is an internationally renowned guitarist, songwriter, and teacher. If there’s one technique that best replicates the human voice on guitar, it’s slide – and if there’s one person you want to learn slide from, it’s Ariel Posen.

What’s included in the class?
40+ High quality
PDF Class handbook with TABS
TABS AND notations for all examples
Backing tacks and 4 slide guitar songs tutorials
Unlimited access to 24 masterclasses, 250+ song tutorials, Jam tracks and much more!

Is this class for you?

Are you intermediate player who wants to level up their playing with slide guitar? Then yes, this is for you

Are you an advanced player who wants to learn from the pros? Then yes, this is for you.

Are you beginner looking to get started playing guitar? Then no, you might want to check out our awesome beginner masterclasses!

This in-depth Master Class is suitable for both intermediate and advanced guitar players. If you’re not familiar with slide, Ariel will guide you through the basics in Part I so you can start playing right away. Advanced players will be challenged by more difficult techniques and compositions in later lessons.

What to expect after taking this class?

By the end of this Master Class, you will have developed the foundational skills needed to improvise and write your own songs using a slide. You’ll also be able to perform four impressive slide guitar SongSquads.

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Get access to 24 masterclasses, jam tracks, song tutorials and much more!

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Welcome to Ariel Posen’s Pickup Music Master Class on slide guitar! We’re excited to take you on this journey.

In this class, you’ll learn everything from fundamental slide techniques in the style of Derek Trucks right through to advanced concepts including ‘playing behind the slide’, double stops, harmonics, and techniques to ‘make your guitar sing’.

First things first: make sure to download your copy of the class notes:


How to use this Master Class

A great way to approach this class is to watch the entire thing, then go back and practice specific exercises, licks, or songs. Alternatively, you can take it lesson by lesson and master each technique before moving on.

If you’re new to slide, we highly recommend starting with Part I. to master the basics. The techniques you’ll learn lay the foundation for future lessons, so it’s important to get the fundamentals down before jumping into the more advanced sections. Take your time on the lessons – this stuff can be tricky to get the hang of.

What gear do I need?

This course is in standard tuning, so while any guitar will work, you may need to set it up for slide playing. Ariel will share his advice for purchasing the type of slide that works best for you.

Class overview

In Part I. Basic slide technique, you’ll learn the fundamentals of slide: gear, guitar setup, right and left hand technique, muting, articulation, and simple exercises to develop your familiarity with the style.

In Part II. Making it sing, we step things up. You’ll learn advanced techniques to achieve a vocal-like quality with the slide.

In Part III. Improvising, it’s your turn: we’ll provide you with three backing tracks that Ariel recorded, and we’ll encourage you to put everything you’ve learned into action by soloing over them.

Many of you know Ariel from his highly popular Instagram videos. In Part IV. Explain that video! Ariel will guide you through four of his most popular Instagram videos.

Finally, to tie everything together, you’ll learn four original SongSquads by Ariel.

What’s involved?

This class has over 40 video lessons. Each video lesson is 2-8 minutes long and focuses on one or two key concepts. We’ll provide you with notation that matches exactly what the instructor plays.

Tips for learning

Sometimes, relying on your ears—rather than your eyes—is the best way to learn, especially with slide guitar.

If you need to rewind videos or learn a tricky part, we recommend viewing the lesson on desktop. In full screen, you can tap the arrow keys to replay certain sections.

Your turn

We want to hear your take on the concepts Ariel teaches you! As you progress through the lessons, we encourage you to stop and make the ideas your own. Create music from them. Record a video of yourself, post it on Instagram, and share the link in our forum for feedback from other members.

Thanks for joining us in this Master Class. Let’s check out the first lesson!

Join now for only $6/mo

Get access to 24 masterclasses, jam tracks, song tutorials and much more!

Join now for only $6/mo

Get access to 24 masterclasses, jam tracks, song tutorials and much more!