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Slide Guitar by Ariel Posen

This Master Class will give you everything you need to make your guitar sing. You’ll learn fundamental slide techniques in the style of Derek Trucks as well as advanced concepts like how to ‘play behind the slide’, incorporate double stops, master harmonics, and find your guitar’s unique voice.

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Latest News

7 Melodic Minor Modes in 7 Days Master Class now available

Now available! 7 Melodic Minor Modes in 7 Days is an intensive college-level class that will equip you with the dark and rich sounds of Melodic Minor harmony. Throughout the class, you’ll develop your soloing and compositional skills through in-depth tutorials, jam tracks, licks, assignments, and step-by-step instruction.

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Her Songs Remix Competition

We’re excited to announce the second edition of the Her Songs x Pickup Beats remix competition. For this round, we’re inviting you to remix the song Just My Luck from Her Songs Toronto Vol. 2 EP.

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